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Im about to post some older materials from the CubaNews Yahoo News Group, and some other materials which were first posted to Facebook, just collecting previous postings in one convenient location: my website. If youve not seen them before, I hope.
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The oldest prisoner at the Guantanamo Bay detention centre went to his latest review board hearing with a degree of hope, something that has been scarce during his 16 years locked up without charges at the US base in Cuba.
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Access Now analyzes Decree 370 after entering into force in Cuba. In only one article the new regulation seeks to control the Internet arbitrarily putting at risk fundamental human rights - related to the use of information and communication technologies.
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Adani Power accumulated healthy returns for investors, shares up 50 pc in past 1 month. Few stocks that hit upper circuits amid slump in India's' benchmark indices. Luke Carman, the circle of life, and the world as an ecstatic masterpiece.
November 2021 Ein kleiner Einblick in die Geschichte von und hinter Cubanews. 2011 war für mich ein. Der Beitrag 10 Jahre Cubanews - wie es dazu kam, dass ich einfach über diese schöne Insel schreiben musste! erschien zuerst auf Cubanews.
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During his visit, Pope Benedict XVI, pushing for Cuba toward freedom, said, I" am convinced that Cuba, at this moment of particular importance in its history, is already looking to the future, and thus is striving to renew and broaden its horizons."
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Cuba plans to begin trials on minors at the end of February with the Soberana 01 and Soberana 02 COVID-19. Cuba: January closed with 15536, infections and 70 deaths from COVID-19, the worst figures during pandemic. Cuba further restricts flights and will once again isolate international travelers.
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Havana is a living museum, and its inhabitants are its main curators, who are transforming it day by day through interaction. Pieces of Havanas Rolling Museum. The Church of San Francisco el Nuevo in Old Havana. Cuba: Diary of an Island.
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08.08.2022 - 13:06: Uhr. Das Feuer in einem kubanischen Treibstofflager breitet sich weiter aus. In der Nacht stürzte ein zweiter Tank mit mehr als 50.000 Kubikmetern Öl ein. Schon jetzt gilt der Brand als der größte in der Geschichte Kubas.

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